Seeing is Believing!
ThinkFree Office 4.0 Looks, Feels, and Delivers like MS Office
ThinkFree Office is the most accurate MS Office-compatible productivity suite
on the market today. Use ThinkFree Office™ to create word processing
documents, spreadsheets, and graphic presentations,
or open and edit Word™, Excel™, and Powerpoint™
documents in ThinkFree Office™.
You will be amazed by our faithful recreation of
the Office user interface -- new users are
immediately productive.

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ThinkFree Office™ costs hundreds of dollars less than the Microsoft solution, and it eliminates the compatibility and training issues of OpenOffice. Importantly, it is a proven solution -- many of the world’s largest computer manufacturers pre-install ThinkFree Office™ on their products for one reason: it is the best value in office productivity available today. Download a free trial of ThinkFree Office™ 4.0 to see for yourself.

ThinkFree Office 4.0

ThinkFree Write™ is a powerful word processing application that has all the features you expect with the same look-and-feel you already know. Create rich, professional-quality documents and web pages. Write’s seamless compatibility lets you to share documents and collaborate with MS Word™ users.
ThinkFree Calc™ lets you create spreadsheets just as you do with MS Excel™, or open and edit existing Excel files. Calc has every feature Office users expect and allows you to tackle the most complex analytical tasks
With ThinkFree Show™, you produce the same high-impact presentations as Powerpoint. Use existing .ppt files, templates, and animations, or create compatible presentations from scratch.


Best Microsoft Office Compatibility


Unlike other office suites, every feature in ThinkFree Office was designed for compatibility with Microsoft Office® in mind.

Supports MS Office 2007 file formats (OOXML)


ThinkFree Office supports the latest Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint file formats. You can open MS Office 2007 files without corrupting the document layout or contents.

Familiar User Interface


There's no need to retrain because ThinkFree is designed to look, feel and behave like Microsoft Office. Moreover the ThinkFree Office UI adapts to the native look and feel of your desktop's operating system.

Runs on Multiple Operating Systems


ThinkFree Office provides identical features whether you are using Windows, Mac or Linux. Supporting file formats are for all platforms, so without ‘conversion’ or ‘importing’ ThinkFree Office can create and open any formats on any other computers.